What is Restylane® Refyne?

Restylane Refyne is a dermal filler injected under the (facial) skin. Once in place, it helps smooth away your “laugh lines” – the wrinkles and folds that may form at the sides of your nose and run down toward the corners of your mouth.

Restylane Refyne is made out of hyaluronic acid - a naturally occurring sugar, found in the body that gives the skin moisture, volume, and elasticity – and a small amount of lidocaine, which is a commonly used local anesthetic to numb the skin.

Restylane Refyne is made using a manufacturing process called XpresHAn Technology™, which creates a smooth, injectable gel that can give your skin a natural, soft look

Restylane® Refyne FAQs


dysport refyne before
dysport refyne after

50 units Dysport® in glabella; 1.0 mL Restylane®Refyne in nasolabial folds; 0.6 mL Restylane® Defyne marionette lines

After photo is 30 days post treatment

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