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Google Reviews

Lindsey Jo
I am obsessed with Patricia. I was referred to her by a friend who is always in love with her. I couldn’t be happier with my lips! I have since been back again for more. What I love most about her , is unlike other injectors she tells you what looks the best and what...
Jackie Gradias
Pat is seriously the best!!! She's professional and personal. I seen her work for years, gotten a few things done with her and each time the results are better than i imagined! You can fully trust Pat to keep you beautiful and loving the results!
Lexi Donchey
Pat is so amazing, professional, and knowledgeable. I won’t let anyone else touch my face. She makes you feel so comfortable and at ease, and this is coming from someone who definitely doesn’t like needles. I look forward to my visits every time, and can’t believe how amazing and refreshed I look afterwards! Highly recommend...
Miss Jean
Patricia is INCREDIBLE!! Very professional and so fun. My lips come out perfect every time. Plus affordable and uses quality product. Thank you Primaface!!!
Debbie Whaley
I found Patricia through my best friend who had Patricia give her botox and fillers. While this was not my first time getting botox, it was my first time getting fillers. Patricia was extremely professional, and honestly, I did not feel any discomfort at all with the fillers. I am very pleased with the results,...

Yelp Reviews

tauni m.
I wanted to wait at least 6 months before I reviewed my experience with Primaface. I had been noticing that my injections weren't lasting as...
Jody M.
I just started going to Patricia about 3 weeks ago to have my lips done. I absolutely love them! Patricia is very careful not to...
Alexandra O.
Anyone considering cosmetic enhancement should visit Patricia at PrimaFace. Patricia has a great eye for symmetry and will take you through a beautiful...

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